Your journey to success can be fraught with unexpected challenges and obstacles. Does your current vendor provide you with the tools and support you need to excel, or are they an obstacle impeding your success?

At heartbase, we believe in helping our clients find their fairy tale ending through collegial partnerships, on-demand US-based support, customized data abstraction, merged clinical & financial analytics, industry leadership, and clinician driven and designed data collection tools.

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Assembling Your Team

CRS, Best in Industry Data Abstractors

Cardiac Registry Support, LLC (CRS) has partnered with Heartbase to provide a streamlined user experience for data abstraction, auditing, training, and reporting. CRS offer flexible terms that can accommodate your needs for short and long-term employee absences, single submission deadlines with high volumes, or provide permanent support to your abstraction team. This service is provided by a team of experts, each possessing years of Cardiac experience at their respective hospitals and mastery of registry bodies such as the ACC, STS and CMS.

Heartbase, Innovative Network-Level Data Entry Platform 

Heartbase has leveraged it's 25+ years of registry database experience to create the most technologically innovative and clinically intuitive data entry platform available. By harnessing the power of interoperability, and certifying quickly and accurately with new registries, heartbase ensures are clients are always prepared for the changes in our industry. Your Hospital/Network will be able to have a single database for all cardiac registries for the entire network.

Biome, Revolutionary Analytics

Biome helps forward thinking hospitals profitably transition and thrive in the new world of healthcare. We fuse multiple different data sources and leverage deep libraries of clinical performance measures and data visualizations to reveal the often unseen drivers of cost and quality. Clients rely on Biome applications to align clinical teams and provide them with the trusted data they need to deliver the best possible care at the lowest cost.

"Our principal focus is to make the lives of our users better - & their jobs easier - through thorough training and continuing education. We have the most savvy users in the industry!" 

- Carmen Ernst, RN, BSN Director of Clinical Application Training and Support Services

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